John Babiarz is the gubernatorial candidate that will restore, preserve and protect the New Hampshire advantage and values that make it the “Live Free or Die” state.

John is a libertarian who believes in protecting individual rights and liberties. He believes in the tradition that both the State and Federal Constitutions are the blueprints by which we are to govern our society. 

John sat on the governor’s Efficiency Commission from 2002-2004. He has first hand knowledge of how to work with state agencies to reduce wasteful spending, streamline government offices, and optimize the use of taxpayer’s dollars.

John resides in Grafton, NH with his wife Rosalie. He is the chief of the Volunteer Fire Department and a self-employed entrepreneur who is credited with procuring the first internet service provider to service the Grafton area.

John stands for:

  • No State Income Tax
  • No State Sales Tax
  • Reduce State Spending
  • Improve School Choice
  • Promote Judicial Reform
  • Pro Medical Cannabis
  • Protect Civil Liberties and Individual Freedoms

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What is the New Hampshire Constitution to John Babiarz?

A constitution is a document which defines the construction and structure of a society's government, much like a blue print is a document which defines the construction and structure of a building.

Part II is straight forward in the powers granted to the executive branch. The governor executes the laws of the state, nominates and appoints people to various commissions and to the courts. More importantly, Part II grants the governor veto power over legislation passed by the General Court. This provides a check on the legislative branch by allowing the governor to limit politicians’ ability to pass unconstitutional measures. The Executive Council serves to check the power of the governor in matters of appointment and spending.

Part I is the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights only enumerates some of our many natural (or god-given) rights. Similar to its federal counterpart, the NH Constitution protects such essential liberties as freedom of speech and religion, the freedom of the press, and the right to possess and bear arms.

In comparison with the Constitution for the united States of America, the New Hampshire Constitution is far superior in defining and protecting natural rights, particularly those provisions which protect the people from the excesses of government power.

What does "Live Free or Die" mean to John Babiarz?

The full quote is "Live Free Or Die; Death Is Not The Worst of Evils." To me "Live Free" means to live life to the fullest; to do anything that inspires you, as long as other people’s right to also live free is also respected. However, there are always forces that will try to stop you from living free. To me "or Die" means that as an individual you have a commitment to live free and will fight any force that will prevent you from doing so until the day you die. Death is not the worst of evils; subjugation may be. A quick death is kind compared to years of cruelty, deprivation, and slavery entangled within a system that robs the human spirit of ingenuity, inventiveness, happiness, the reward and satisfaction of accomplishment. 

Live Free or Die is more than a motto. It is a declaration of a free person with convictions. It is the mission statement of an individual who voluntarily interacts with others, freely exchanging goods, services or property ,without force, in a mutually beneficial manner. To live free requires a high self moral code of not enforcing your definition of what is moral on others. It requires strength to tolerate and endure things which you personally might find objectionable to your code, but others may find acceptable. Freedom means allowing others to live as they see fit as well.