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At the core of all of the major issues facing the state is the motto it was founded on.
New Hampshire’s future depends on remembering it’s fundamental values from the past.

What does “Live Free or Die” mean to John Babiarz?

The full quote is Live Free or Die, Death is not the worst of evils. To me it means to live life to the fullest, to do anything that inspires you, as long as other people’s right to also live free is also respected. The “Die” part is that there are always forces that will try to stop you from living free, that you have a commitment to live free and will fight any force that will prevent you from living free until the day you die. Death is not the worst of evils. A quick death is kind compare to years of cruelty, depravation, slavery of a system that robs the human spirit of ingenuity, inventiveness, happiness, the reward and satisfaction of accomplishment.

Live free or Die is more that a motto, It is a declaration of a free person with convictions. It is a mission statement of a individual who have make a commitment with others freely exchanging without force in a mutual beneficial manor. To live free requires a high self moral code of not enforcing your definition of what is moral on others. It requires strength to maintain the tolerances to things you might find objectionable to your code.